Journée nationale des accros au crime

Journée nationale des accros au crime

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History of National Crime Junkie Day

In 2017, Ashley Flowers decided to make the true crime podcast she couldn’t find anywhere else. With the intent of standout storytelling and making an impact in the true crime community, Crime Junkie was born. Every Monday since has come with a new episode of advocacy driven, true crime content.

With Ashley’s co-host and best friend, Brit, and her beloved dog, Chuck, by her side, the idea for Crime Junkie unfolded into a movement. In just five years, Crime Junkie has been listened to over 1 BILLION times and is the #1 true crime podcast in the world. There are more than 450 episodes to dive into, with every step of the process, from research, writing, and production, intent on turning the true crime world upside down.

And because of all of the incredible Crime Junkies, the impact has grown in the span of five years too. From bringing awareness to under-reported cases, to garnering hundreds of thousands of signatures on petitions, to financially supporting over 100 non-profit organizations, the reach of the Crime Junkie community has stretched far and wide, and has advocated for those who need it most.

Crime Junkie is the flagship podcast of Audiochuck , the award-winning, independent media company behind industry leading shows fueled by action & change inspiring content. You might be able to guess where Audiochuck gets its name… hint: Ashley’s four-legged best friend, Chuck. Since 2017, Audiochuck has been creating and producing #1 shows, racking up over a billion downloads, garnering listeners worldwide, and transforming audio into advocacy based action.

Celebrating 5 Years of Crime Junkie Podcast


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