National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month

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History of National Wellness Month

The concept of self-care has a long and varied place in human history amongst different cultures and time periods. Ancient philosophers like Socrates and Plato emphasized the importance of self-care and self-reflection as part of a virtuous life. Taoist principles also promoted self-care through practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, and herbal medicine. The 19th and 20th centuries also saw the emergence of movements focused on mental health and self-care. Many of these practices have been successful in creating a healthy mind and body for many generations and have carried over into modern day ideas of self care.

Today, the concept of self-care encompasses various practices aimed at holistic well-being, including physical exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness, stress reduction techniques, and more. Self-care and wellness is a personal and subjective concept but the underlying idea of taking deliberate actions to care for oneself physically, mentally, and emotionally remains central.

In 2018, Live Love Spa dedicated August as National Wellness Month to celebrate and inspire others to commit to their self care. Wellness month encourages people to prioritize self care by taking a pledge to habits of wellness, joining the 31 day Wellness Month challenge calendar and encouraging others to do the same socially. Live Love Spa is the leading professional spa industry event company and wellness online store dedicated to helping others discover new and innovative products that promote wellness.


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