Reward Yourself Day

Reward Yourself Day

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History of Reward Yourself Day

Rewarding yourself has been a proven method of encouraging positive behavior changes since ancient times. The concept of rewarding oneself has endured through the centuries to reinforce good habits and celebrate accomplishments. For example, the Greeks and Romans used rewards to strive for excellence and perform heroic deeds.

In modern times, psychologists have used the power of rewards to motivate behavior changes, creating a positive reinforcement loop that makes it easier for people to stick to their goals. Setting specific milestones and rewarding yourself when you reach them reinforces the desired behavior and makes it more likely to stick. 

That is why Albertsons/Safeway has designated an entire day on May 8th to reward yourself for your achievements and get back on track with your resolutions. So celebrate your progress and give yourself the recognition you deserve on Reward Yourself Day!


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