World Cloud Security Day – April 3

World Cloud Security Day – April 3

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History of World Cloud Security Day

With the rapid adoption of the cloud, it’s now a lot easier for attackers to gain access to the sensitive data of individuals and organizations. Over the last decade, enterprises and consumers have relied on cloud apps and services, from storing files and photos to running complex software and operations. As cloud operations become more prevalent, security threats have also become more prevalent. 

Attackers are evolving their tactics to take advantage of the people that are using smartphones and tablets and the public internet to connect to the cloud. Instead of sending phishing emails to desktop computers, threat actors are tailoring social engineering campaigns using SMS text messages, social media apps, or any other apps with messaging functionalities. 

With countless cloud services, it has also become harder to keep tabs on the settings of each individual service as well as when to update. As a result, misconfigurations and vulnerabilities become more common, giving attackers another way to compromise your data in the cloud. 

Lookout introduces the first-ever World Cloud Security Day to raise awareness of the risks associated with using personal devices to remotely access corporate data.   


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