International Allyship Day

International Allyship Day

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History of International Allyship Day

International Allyship Day is a holiday founded in 2023 to celebrate the incredible strength in unity. It is a day to embrace diversity, celebrate differences, and foster a sense of belonging for everyone! 

This holiday encourages communities to show up authentically and work together to create positive social change. Networking, workshops, events, and community gatherings can achieve engagement, inspiration, and connection to advocate for others in the workplace and at home.

Multiple national studies indicate that four out of five US-based employees are familiar with or have participated in unconscious bias training. This training, while being extremely valuable, is only the beginning. International Allyship Day exists to enforce and encourage the practice of allyship. Awareness without action does not move the needle. Active and genuine allyship is about consistency and continuously taking action despite biases to treat all others equally and equitably. 

This holiday highlights now as the time to tackle equity, as we can all challenge gender stereotypes, call out discrimination, draw attention to devaluing behaviors, and create inclusive environments.


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