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Early life:- Jim Cramer was born on February 11, 1955 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. Jim belongs to a Jewish family. Jim’s father’s name is N. Ken Cramer was the owner of a packaging products company that sold wrapping paper and bags, he was born in 1922 and died in 2004. Jim’s mother, Louise A, was an artist who was born in 1928 and died in 1985. Jim was a high school student in Springfield Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Read more about Jim Cramer BioGraphy.

Jim Cramer BioGraphy

After his studies, Jim Cramer took his first job in the year 1971, and shortly after that, Cramer sold ice cream for the games to be held at the Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. Cramer was fond of stockings from the beginning. When he was in 4th class, he started stocking and continued this hobby with the help of his school.

Personal life

They had two children after Cramer married Backfish. Cramer then married Lisa Cadet Dettwiller on April 15, 2015. Lisa Cadet Dettwiller is a real-estate broker.

Cramer lives in New Jersey, where he owns 65 acres of property along with Cramer’s other four Navacios, who purchased the Deb Ree Inn in Summit, New Jersey.

Kramer loves his hometown of Philadelphia, and he is a supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles, and has met the coach of the team several times.

In December 2021, Cramer announced that he had been positive tested for Covid 19, as well as that his symptoms were mild even after the Kovid 19 vaccine.

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In 1977, Jim attended a college called Harvard, and with the help of this college, he graduated from Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Cramer was the chairman and principal founder of The Howard Kirmson.

After graduating from college, Jim was an entry-level reporter with an annual salary of $15,000. Kramer then worked for the Tallahassee Democrat in Florida, where he covered the Ted Bundy murders. After all this, he worked as an obituary in Los Angeles, where he was robbed. He also served as governor of California.

In 1984, Kramer studied at Harvard Law School and earned a Juris Doctor degree, where he began trading in the lion market and began investing in holdings by leaving stock picks on his answering machine. Even though he still believed he was guilty, Jim assisted in Dershowitz’s campaign to acquit alleged murderer Klaas von Bülow.

Cece Cramer Biography

Jim Cramer Biography

  • Full name – Jim Joseph Cramer.
  • Gender – Male.
  • Age – 66 years.
  • Birth date – 11, February,1955.
  • Nationality – American.
  • Height – 1.70 m.
  • Weight – 80 kg.
  • Birth place – Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Net worth – $110 million.
  • Profession – TV Personality, Author, Actor, Businessperson.
  • WifeLisa Cadette Detwiler (m. 2015), Karen Backfisch-Olufsen (m. 1988–2009)

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