Journée du pull de Noël

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History of Christmas Jumper Day

It really is heartwarming to see everyone from grandparents to colleagues don their favorite and sometimes craziest festive wear on Christmas Jumper Day. While it is always fun to see reindeers, elves, and famous characters from pop culture on clothing everywhere, the day serves a more important agenda. The primary focus of the tradition is to raise awareness and money for children who are in need. 

Christmas Jumper Day was initiated by ‘Save the Children’ – a reputable charity dedicated to the rights of children, on December 14, 2012. A fundraiser is hosted annually by the organization, in which everyone is encouraged to get involved by wearing creative Christmas jumpers. There is no set date for the holiday but is always celebrated on a Friday a couple of weeks before Christmas Day. 

Over the past eight years, the concept of this day has been embraced wholeheartedly by the entire nation, with many A-list celebrities expressing their support for this cause and some citizens going to great lengths to boost fundraising. 

Donations of a minimum of £2, or a minimum of £1 for children and youngsters, are contributed to the Save the Children organization by people wearing creative knitwear on this dedicated day. The amount is used to aid kids to be healthy, stay nourished with food, acquire education, and change their future!


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